WWI, WW1 Letter, Newport News, Virginia, Aviation Section, July 1918

Written by a soldier with the Aviation Section, at Newport News, Virginia in July 1918. From the letter…….I have always liked selling goods and yesterday I was offered this job, so accepted. Don’t know when I will go to work, but hardly think I will before the first of the week as I told the Lieutenant in charge that my sister and my girl was coming this Friday to see me so think he is waiting until next week. Hope so anyway………I feel like I am a slacker for not wanting or trying to go across, altho on the other hand somebody is going to work in the canteen and I guess I’m patriotic to do that somebody’s work. Another reason, my people would be better satisfied to know that I’m in the good old U.S.A. So taking everything together I feel that it is best to stay as I have the chance. ……Our squadron 674, was broken all to pieces again. Only 13 men left……..
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Bob said...

Return address is Camp Morrison, which was an aviation "concentration camp", used for the formation of aviation units. As he notes, his unit was broken up "again".

Jim said...


Thanks for the added information. I haven't had time to research each letter, so any added information is always appreciated.