WWI, WW1, Letter Written by a Soldier at Fort Bliss Texas, Feb. 20, 1918

Written by a soldier at Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas, in February 1918. The soldier was in the 18th Field Artillery unit. From the letter……..We are still here but part of the regiment left yesterday so we may go any time………Next time you write to Charlie you might tell him to drop me a line so I can tell how he likes the Army. We are going down town next Friday and parade. It is Washington’s birthday you know……..we don’t drill but four hours a day now and most of that is lectures on first aid and what we will need on our way across the pond. We have to learn how to put a lot of stuff in a small pack to carry on our back. We have 2 blankets, 1 shelter half, 2 towels, 4 handkerchiefs, 1 suit woolen underwear, 1 O.D. shirt, 4 pair sox and tooth brush and comb, and shaving outfit. The rest of our stuff goes in our barrack bag but it can’t be over 75 pounds.....
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