WWI, WW1 letter Written by a Soldier at Camp Forrest, Tennessee, August 17, 1918

Written by a soldier at Camp Forrest, Tennessee, on Camp Humphreys, Virginia letterhead, in August 1918. I have been assigned to my regular company. Company E 209th Regiment Engineers is where I am now and will probably stay . We have been recommended as Non Com officers here and are getting a chance to make good. Camp Forrest is a good clean place. They are strict about keeping all the buildings clean, especially the mess halls and barracks……..I can tell more about the fellows after I have been there a week or so. I certainly got acquainted with a lot of fellows while we were in detention or quarantine this last week……They have good entertainment, lectures and movies here at the Y.M.C.A. huts. I got a couple of cards at the Y.M.C.A. and am sending them……I am glad that I enlisted when I did for if I had waited until I was drafted I would be just getting into the Army……….
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