WWI, WW1 Letters Written by soldiers at Camp Grant, Illinois, during World War One

Written by a soldier at Camp Grant, Rockford, Illinois, in November 1918. From the letter……..Must rite you a line or two and let you know that I am still in camp but I think we will leave for Texas Monday……Well it is raining here today and 3 days ago we had snow……… 

Written by a soldier at Camp Grant, Illinois, November 11, 1917, exactly one year before the war would end. Some excerpts……I put in an awful lonesome day. There were hundreds of visitors here today but I kept thinking to myself if only the right one was here with me. Hope you don’t change your mind in regards to coming down next Sat……….The report is here that we may leave here in about two weeks so if it should be true I’d want that we should see each other before……..
This photo shows a Platte County, Nebraska, draft group to Camp Grant, Illinois, 9/5/1918
This Photo if part of Series: American Unofficial Collection of World War I Photographs, compiled 1917 - 1918, at the National Archives. ARC Identifier 533736 / Local Identifier 165-WW-483A(1) NAIL Control Number: NWDNS-165-WW-483A(1)
This Library of Congress Photo Shows: Camp Grant officers, of the 86th Division and part of 92nd Division. 
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This view of Camp Grant was taken in 1918, and shows much of the camp. It is in the possession of the Library of Congress.
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Library of Congress Photo of  Aerial View of Camp Grant, taken from 1,000 feet, 1918. 
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