WWI, WW1, World War One Letter, Written by soldier at Fort Riley, Kansas, in 1917

Written by a soldier at Fort Riley, Kansas, in 1917. Some excerpts........We have got everything packed ready to leave as soon as we get orders, but I hope that we never get them. Oh, say I have an awful sore ear tonight, I was out buying groceries this morning and I almost froze riding in a truck. I didn't get a bit cold coming home Sunday night, but the Sweed thought that he had frozen his feet. The last time I seen he was at the house where I called up for another car he pulled off his shoes and I went out in the yard and got him a pan of snow for him to put his feet in. He was taking on something awful when I left, I felt sorry for him for he almost cried when we ran out of gasolene for he thought that I wouldn't get back in time.........We had biscuits for breakfast so I had some of that good jelly that you gave me. Well I must quit for tonight and go back to Fort Riley, I am at the community House writing this letter but I am not dancing any Ha Ha.....
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