32nd Engineers WWI Letter Sept. 18, 1918

This letter was written by a US soldier in France during WWI, September 18, 1918. He was with the 32nd Engineers. From the letter…..

Dear Folks:
   Received your letter of Aug. 25th and was glad to hear from you and that everything is all right at home. Everything is same as ever here, am getting along OK and feeling fine. The weather has been somewhat warmer the past few days, and had a mice shower this evening. Glad to hear that it quit raining back there so that the farmers could finish up the shock threshing. I suppose some have started cutting corn by this time. I thin that by the time I get back to the States I’ll have forgotten which end of the plow to hitch a team to. Do you ever drive Don anymore? You should have one of those two-wheeled gigs like they have over there. I bet he could haul one in 2.30. What is Dad doing with that young team. Is Channer going to build another barn this fall?
   I suppose you won’t have any threshing to do this fall. I suppose you have stacked up the wheat to feed the chickens, they thrash it out all right.
   Well, this is all I can think of for this time, so good bye, 

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