72nd Infantry General Croix de Guerre WWI Letter France, 1919

This letter was written by a Hispanic Soldier, who was in France during WWI. After doing a little research, I found that this soldier, was the adopted son of General John Hulen. This soldier was born in the Philippines and served as an interpreter for the General during the Spanish American War. He mentions the General in this letter, and to add even more evidence, the General signed the letter as the Censor. He is writing to the father of his fiancĂ©. From the letter April 2,1919.……

Dear Padre,

   In the midst of happy but strenuous preparation to leave this old town of Tanlay, I just stopped to tell you that, as the luck of war would have it, General Hulen and I are leaving France for the good old U.S.A. At first it was intended that he could not take me with him, but at the last moment, my orders came from General Hdqs. American Expeditionary Forces, to accompany General Hulen to the Untied States, and be discharged when he is. The General tendered his resignation two months ago, now it is accepted.
   The French Government has recognized his valuable services at the front by conferring upon him the “Croix de Guerre”,  and he was decorated this evening in the midst of pompous ceremony.
   Unless there are some unforeseen delays, we expect to reach the U.S. by the 20th of this month. I cannot tell at this writing in what port we will disembark. I am dropping a lone to Katherine.

With lots of love,  

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