Day Before Armistice WWI Letter Nov. 10, 1918 36th Infantry Division

This letter was written by a Hispanic Sgt. the day before Armistice November 10, 1918. He was in the 72nd Infantry Brigade, 36th Infantry Division. From the letter…..

   Since my last letter to you , we have done so much and gone so fast from place to place, that now I am glad to tell you that we are in a quiet small village for a rest and refitting.
   This is a very small place, that had been reclaimed by it’s inhabitants after the Heinie had been forced to leave. We are fairly well quartered, and are comfortable in spite of the bad, sloppy weather. I am trying to find an opportunity to send you a little trophy, but at present it seems impossible, because no one seems to be able to find out the regulations concerning souvenirs. No doubt the newspapers have already told all of you the news about the war. To be able to come back home in a few months is a “consummation devoutly to be wished.” This brings me to the question of what I will do after we get back home.
   You stated in your letter that you will keep your eyes open for a position for me, which fills me with gratitude that I can not describe. I fully appreciate the fact that right now is too premature for any definite plan; yet I feel it wise to always bear in mind that we will have to live after the war; and I want you to know that above all, I want to make Katharine happy, and that her happiness will be the center from which all of my future efforts will radiate. Whatever plan you may have in this direction, I want you, please, to be discrete, and keep it to yourself.
   In one of my last letters to Katharine, I tried to caution her about unnecessary expenditures in Christmas gifts. We get plenty to eat and lots to smoke. It is a waste of money and energy to buy anything through a Paris concern, and the goods are seldom delivered. Please tell her to be careful.  

Devotedly Yours,

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