Last Letter from Tanlay, France, April 2, 1919

This letter was written by a U.S. Hispanic soldier, who was in France during WWI. The letter was written from Tanlay, France, April 2, 1919. From the letter…..

My Own Darling,

   This is and will be the last letter you get from me while I am in the A.E.F., because your prayers and my prayers are at last answered. No not write to me any more in France, Sweetheart Love, because I will be home before May comes.
   I have finished packing our things, and our orders (mine and the General’s) are in our pockets. It is now only a question of going through the necessary “red tapes”, before we get on board ship and comes sailing home.
   In my previous letters, I told you that only the General was coming and that I was going to one of the A.E.F. schools as an instructor. But day before yesterday, my orders to “accompany General Hulen to the United States” came like lightening, while Division Headquarters was about to assign me to some school. Therefore, just disregard what I said about not coming home, for I am coming to you, just as fast as our Uncle Sammie lets me and can get me there.
   I am coming, I am coming home!!! And I must hurry to do the work that must be done before learning Tanlay. Sweetheart, this is only a short letter, because I have not the time to answer yours (of which there are five unanswered) which I received during the last three days. But you know that my heart is over with you, and that it is the same heart, only it has grown to love you more and more each successive new day that comes into my life.

Here’s all my everlasting devotion,

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