Camp Sherman Ohio February 10, 1918 WWI Letter

 This letter was written by a soldier at Camp Sherman, Ohio, February 10, 1918. He was with Hdq. Company, 332nd Infantry. From the letter…..
Hello Benny,
   Will take a few moments to write you a small note to let you know am working to beat h--- believe me kid don’t stop for nothing.
   How and the h--- are you Benny? “Wow” have a bottle of Millers on me. Gee but I could put one away now. If they would only give me a chance to go out on a celebration “Wow” would I lick them up.
   Gee but this is sure some nice Sunday how I would like to take a gold fish out for a walk, just a walk that’s all.
   Cause I am pretty well caked up with salt-peter. I am getting ? Don’t know what a skirt looks like anymore kid. But I will leave my share to you so help your self it chicken Benny,
    As the news are now we move to Florida it may be France instead of Florida. But all we got to do is get to it.
   Benny am hitting the scales at 158 lbs. now. How fat a fellow will get when he gets sent to bed at 9:00 P.M. But if they would give me a 5 day pass I would go about 158 oz. Ha.Ha.
   Will close as it is time for Retreat 4:40 P.M.


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