Christmas Package Coupon WWI American Expeditionary Forces 1918

This American Expeditionary Forces Christmas Package Coupon, was went home from a soldier, to his wife, in 1918. The coupon was meant to be used to mail Christmas packages to the troops.

The text reads…..
Directions: One Christmas package not heavier than 3 pounds and not larger than 9 by 4 by 3 inches will be carried free from Hoboken, N.J. to each American soldier in Europe. Standard boxes of these dimensions will be furnished, upon application, by local chapters of the American Red Cross in the United States. Christmas packages must not contain perishable articles, or any articles prohibited by the postal laws from transmission by mail. PACKAGES NOT CONFORMING TO STANDARD FURNISHED BY RED CROSS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. This coupon is authority for any post office to accept on or before November 20, 1918, a Christmas package conforming to the above regulations for the soldier named hereon. Postage to Hoboken, J.J. must be prepaid. THIS COUPON MUST BE PASTED ON THE PACKAGE TO SECURE ITS TRANSMISSION.

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