Engineer Company Soldier's WWI letter from France Mar. 1919

 This letter was written by a U.S. soldier, who was in France, with an Engineer Company as part of the American Expeditionary Force, during WWI. The letter is dated March 19, 1919. From the letter……

Dear Mother:
   I am back here again in this dismal hole but I enjoyed my leave very much. I visited Lyon, Besancon, and Dijon, spending a few days in each place. I wanted to see Nice, but didn’t care enough about it to make the trip.
   It is snowing again today and quite cold although we have been having some fairly good weather. I hope you are not having any severe weather and am glad to know that you are getting along so well.
   Nothing has developed since I went away regarding our prepared trip to the army of occupation. Maybe we will go and maybe we won’t but I am ready to move from here at any time.
   We are right in the zone of the theatre of operations at the beginning of the war, though toward it’s close the fighting was farther north. The whole country is covered with barbed wire and trenches and the peasants are hard put to work their farms. ? of them have horses and their ground is either all torn up by shells or covered with trenches and barbed wire. It is a dismal looking country and the farther north you go the worse it gets.
   We have some horses now and if it ever gets decent weather we can have a little pleasure in riding about. I went out yesterday for the first time since we left Shelby and am a little stiff today.
   It is so cold I can’t write very well, as my fingers are getting numb.

With love, Lester 

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