Hispanic Soldier's WWI Letter to Sweetheart From France 1919

 This letter was written by a Hispanic U.S. Sgt., who was in the 72nd Infantry Brigade, during WWI. He was in Tanlay, France, when he wrote this letter, March 6, 1919. From the letter……

My Sweetheart;
   I am ashamed to tell you that this is only my second letter to you since I came back from Lamalon-les-Bains. Every day I promise myself that I must write to you, but each time that I start I always have to stop.
   I forgot to tell you that I have not yet received the box of toilet articles from Levy’s Paris store, although I have the notice. However I think it will come in a few days.
   I have not yet answered Padre’s fine letter, which I must do either tonight or tomorrow. As to our coming home, still the situation is unchanged, that is we will probably remain here for two or three months longer. Whether we will remain in Tanlay or be sent to Germany, I cannot tell yet. So you and I must be brave and patient, “every dog has his day”, and ours will no doubt come.
   Yesterday, I received two Valentine cards from you, which reminded me that I never even sent you a like greeting. But on that day I was on a Frog Train (Frog is what we call the French) on my way to southern France. However your dear presence was and is always with me, as you must know and feel.
   I trust, dearest, that you are doing all you can to improve your health. When I think of your past sufferings and my inability to share them because we are far apart, I cannot help but feel depressed. You are not alone in your lonely thoughts, you are not alone in your anxious waiting for the day when we shall be together again. So please always bear in mind that on your health, all of our future happiness depends.
   I am anxious to get his off to the mail this afternoon, so I must make it a short letter. I trust that Arthur and the baby have entirely recovered from the Flu, and that our dear Pere is well.

With all my love and devotion,   

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