Soldier France January 30, 1919 WWI Letter

This letter was written by a U.S. soldier in early 1919, in France. He was writing a friend, January 30, 1919. From the letter…..

   Do not feel like going to bed yet so will answer your letter. Everyone else is there so I am not bothered any,. We are still stuck at this place and the way it looks we are here for quite a while yet. The longer I stay here the better I like it. I have a great time getting wood to keep warm. It is not quite as cold as it is around there this time of the year, or we would freeze to death. We have a few inches of snow the last few days, about the first we had this winter. Although the ground has been froze since the first of the year.
   You said Starkey said they hiked 125 miles. I do not think they done any marching toward what we did around that time. We put in over 30 days making from 15 to 20 mile a day. Our Division relieved Starkey’s Division at Verdun, then we started down here. We are about 60 miles further Southwest than they are. Expect the cooties are all over France. I know I have a ? of a time trying to keep rid of them. Tuesday night I changed part of my clothes what I could but under ware. I only have one suit so I took it off and boiled them. Took them out and washed and then dried and put them back on so you see I had a pretty busy night.
   I have been on building and repairing for the last few weeks so I do not have much time during the day. When we get one place fixed up we move so I figured it will soon be time to move from here to some other place like this, that needs some repair work done. They even have a detail on the road fixing it up, so you can figure about how good a time a fellow can have.
   We will have our arm all decorated with stripes when we get back. I do not have any more on than I get orders to put on, as I do not like this sewing. Most of the fellows have the service stripe on so I will have to get busy one of these days.
   Will close for this time. Hoping to hear from yo soon. I am

Your Friend,

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