U.S. Marine Letter WW1 WWI France, May 1918 World War One

 This letter was written by a U.S. Marine, in France, during WWI. He was with Hdqrs. Company, 5th Regiment. From the letter, May 24, 1918.……
   My dear sister,

   As this is the first opportunity to write, I believe I’ll make good use of it so here it goes.  Kindly excuse my writing in pencil for my pen is dry but I addressed the envelope in ink.
   We have recently been relieved from the trenches for a few days and no doubt will be in some more soon again.
   I picked up a little while in the trenches but I guess I’m loosing all I gained for my arm is better and soon will have the stitches taken out. Of course I had to get that tetanus shot into my stomach.
   Talk about our indoor sports, since we started from the trenches we’ve covered many miles both by rail and by foot. Surely we have done some hiking but you know the Marines get there just the same.
   Oh the doughboy rides in automobiles, the artillery on the train, and the ol Marines has to hike but he gets there just the same. All day long yes all night long. Above you’ll see a true stanza of which we made up. Haven’t heard from you for 3 weeks now. Received the magazines but then they don’t last forever. Talk about beautiful cou7ntry surely France is especially at this time of the year. And we have just passed thru the wealthiest parts and believe me it was worth seeing.
   Of course everything is very high even the American stuffs prices are doubled except cigarettes and of course I don’t get them. The peasants in this state are so much different. I mean more cordial and more refined., than in other states in this country.
   We all are in the best of health now of course we are stiff from the hike and a large number fall out along the roadside, but thank goodness, in the condition I was in I had to stick it out. I suppose you folks hear about as many rumors about the Marines as we do but don’t listen to it for we’ll tackle anything what turns up. That’s your Marines for you. Write as often as you can, and don’t worry, for if I come back well enough. Will write whenever I get the chance and kindly excuse my scribbling for my arm is a little weak yet.

Love to all,

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