Camp Mill, Hempstead New York WWI Letter.. Sept. 2, 1918

 This letter was written by a soldier at Camp Mills, New York, on September 2, 1918. He was writing to his parents. From the letter…..

Dear Mother and Father,

   Just a few more lines to let you know I am feeling good. Sunday night we were allowed to be out till quarter till eleven, so I and another fellow took a walk for about a mile and a half. And we walked to a place what they call Hempstead. That is a nice little town. Syracuse was nice but this town is nice for the fellows. When you walk down their streets you would think you were walking in Passaic downtown. They have all kinds of stores, and they have pool rooms and shooting gallery? and  bowling alleys, and lots of places where you can get your picture taken. Fruit stores, ice cream stores, it sure is a nice little town.l One of these days you might see a present coming home for you Ma. There are some nice ?? out here Ma.
   I did not get that money you sent yet but I guess it will be all right. When I was home I forgot to ask if our minister was home yet. I got a letter from Aunt Hannah Sunday afternoon. They said they had a postal of your telling them that Mart was going to leave for camp Friday. Did you hear anything of Hen or Dan or Tice yet? It sure was a nice day Sunday. Well I will have to do some washing today, and I do not know of very much to write about for I don’t get any mail. If I get some mail I can write a whole lot more. I will close now and write a few lines later.

From your loving son,

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