365th Infantry African American WWI Letter Nov. 12th 1918 About Armistice


This letter was written by an African American soldier, who was with the 365th Infantry Division. He was in France at the time he wrote the letter (the day after Armistice). He was writing to his pregnant wife, who was back in Texas. She had an unusual name for a woman. From the letter........

Dear Charles,
I am sure you have the good news long before this hour. That is the signing of the Armistice by the Germans. All fighting really ceased at 11:00 o'clock yesterday morning and everything has been quiet since.
That is the first step towards a real peace. Just how long we will remain here in Europe none of us know. I am sure we will have to remain until most important questions touching upon peace are settled. Let us hope that that won't be many more weeks.
Am sure there has been great rejoicing in America. Yesterday at the hour of the signing of the Armistice, the French unfurled and raised their flags to all of their highest places, and have been celebrating all since. For the first time since I have been over here (and they all say in four years plus) have the lights shown to their full extent in houses, on autos and in streets.
Really a relief to have lights where there is so much traffic going on in the night, and to feel safe from aeroplanes and long-ranged shells. Thus far I have made it without a single scratch from old Bosche. I can only attribute it to the keeping of one Supreme. Have many thrilling experiences that I can relate to you when I get back. This much of it has been wonderful. Only hope the future holds better ones.
Am wondering how you and this "little one" are now and how you will be when this reaches you. Will say Seetheart that you must be very careful for a long tine, which I am thinking that you will be.
Have had no mail from you for several days now, but am sure it will be coming as soon as things straighten out around here.
This leaves me well as usual. Regards to remainder of family and much love to you, Yours,

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