365th Infantry African American WWI Letter Nov. 28th Thanksgiving Day 1918

This letter was written on Thanksgiving Day, 1918, by an African American soldier, who was with the 365th Infantry Division. From the letter:
Dear Wife,
   Note the day and know that it has been very well enjoyed by me. Three nice long letters from you came. dated 6-8-10 Nov. New time for my mail. Last one the day before the war really ended. Funny that the people had a big celebration before proper time, but good that they got to have a real one. Joy there could not have surpassed it here. 
   Just listen here......today at the grand celebration our corps commander received a telegram.He read it and then read it to the crowd. He read that our division would prepare immediately to proceed to a port of embarkation preparatory to sailing for America. Everybody has been very happy ever since. Of course several days will be required for us to get rid of surplus property, clean our area and many other little things. So if orders don't change (as usual), by the time this reaches you we probably will be nearly ready to start, if nothing happens. So yo usee, we all have had much to be thankful for today. Was at a thanksgiving metting that the "leaving news" was given out.
   In my little town (Bellville) we had a very nice service at 9:30 a.m. Then most of the men went to the big town Pont-a Musson where most of our troops are located. Several of our bands for music and field exercises were the features of the day. No turkey, cranberry sauce or cake but we were all thankful for what we had. 
   Very funny thing but I awoke this morning about 3:30 and had an early proayer in bed. Think I must have awoken praying over such a pleasant dream that I had. Since I don' t want to be superstitious of dreams I am going to tell it to you, remembering that I have had dreams of many things that I have hoped for and obtatined. I dreamed that I came home and found you with "big" little boy and a pet dog.
   Well as yet, the cablegram has not reached me but I am expecting it by 1st Dec. at the latest. As your last letter left you so well, it has further strengthened by hopes that all has gone well with you. I certainly have prayed for the success of you both, and something has given that assurance. 
   I think that Mrs Kimbell will be alright as your nurse. I remember that she had a good name as one. Glad that all of the family are well. Regards to all, and a heart full of love for you and the "little one."   Yours, E.

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