France Infantry Lt. Letter, September 8, 1918

This letter was written by an Infantry Lieutenant, who was in France at the Front at the time he wrote the letter. From the letter.........

   Your letters of July 27, July 30, and August 22nd were received on Sept. 7th and was certainly glad to get them.
   You stated you had received seven letters from me since I had been overseas. Now there is something wrong as it should be nearer twenty-seven than seven……….There are so many Americans over here that we very near have a English speaking country with some Frenchmen in it, rather than the reverse, of course this applies only near the front, but as before stated we have been near the front all the while, so for these reasons it is difficult to learn French, one gets along so well without it.
   You were dreaming along the latter part of Jyly that I was at the Front, well you were dreaming about right. Strange isn’t it? Spent July 4th in the support position and after the regular time there we advanced to the front line position.
     Have been hearing the wicked sound of the shell, Machine Gun, etc. for quite a bit now, though have not been in any of the real big pushes as yet.
   Must stop for the present appreciated your letters beyond words. Write often.

With Love,

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