112th Ammunition Train Thanksgiving Day 1918 WWI Letter

This letter was written by a US soldier on Thanksgiving Day, 1918. He was in Belgium at the time, with the 112th Ammunition Train. From the letter…..

As it is Thanksgiving Day I will write a few lines to have you know that I am well and getting along fine. Am now staying in a Chateau at Wielsbeke, Belgium. We have been here for several days now but expect to go to a railhead to entrain. Where we go  I do not know but I hope it will be at some seaport. If we do go to a seaport it will not be long until we will be back in the good old U.S.A.
   Will give you a little outline where we were at since we landed. Landed at Cherbourg, France and went to St. Nazaire on the railroad in box cars which took us about 36 hours. There we got trucks and went to Baccarat France, close to the Switzerland border. From there we went to the Verdun Front close to the city of Verdun and was in that big battle on which started I think on Sept. 26. It would take so long to tell of that battle as it lasted quite a while. From there ewe went to the St. Mihiel Front and stayed a few weeks. Fro there to Foug and turned in our trucks and part of us came to Belgium on flat cars. That was some ride of 2 days and 2 nights. Went by Paris through Amiens, Colais and up to Ypres where we got off. From there we went through a lot of small cities and landed here after a two days hike.
   I bet you can’t guess who I talked to the other day. We were hiking along a road and I saw Mart. Gee I was glad to see him and so was he glad to see me. He sure does look good and is feeling fine. If you can let Charlie kow I saw him and talked  to him.
   This morning I got a letter from Plengry. I sure was surprised to hear from him. He wrote that letter with his gas mask on. He was still going to a training school somewhere in France. He told me when I wrote you I should tell you he sent his best. He is also anxious to get back home.
   I have gotten a few letters lately of you but cannot tell the dates as I got rid of them. I threw them in the fires. I get the letters where you sent me that picture of the newspaper clippings. I can imagine how you fee. But don’t worry anymore as I hope to be with you soon.
   I ought to write several more letters but am out of paper and envelopes so I will have to quit. If I had known that Lansing was in the 334th Infantry I would have tried to find him. That company passed us on the road several times. Well I hope he got through alright. Well, I must quit as we are going to have a big dinner and it will soon be ready.

I remain with lots of love,   


Rasmus Rosengaard said...

I an currently researching info on Robert Mercer, a pvt In the 112th ammunition train, and was wondering if you could post some more detailed scans of the full letter and the name of the writer.
Also, I Would be very interested In info on where You Got hold of the letter, and if you have more info on the 112 ammunition train.
Best regards.

Nature's Cool said...

Sorry, but not possible right now.