112th Ammuntion Train WWI Letter Nov. 8, 1918

This letter was written by a soldier, who was with the 112th ammunition train, A.E.F. He was writing from Belgium, on November 8, 1918, just 3 days before Armistice. From the letter….. 

 Just got our letter on Sept. 16 and sure was glad to receive that remembrance you sent me. Thanks many times for same. This is a dreary day. No sunshine and pretty chilly. It has been raining a couple of days and it is awful muddy outside.
   I am feeling fine these days except a little cold, but am used to having them. Every few minutes Fritz is sending over a shell and I can see them bursting.
   Was watching a few Belgiums thrashing Rye this morning. They use a ? and it takes quite a while to thresh out a little of it. I sure would hate to start on a big mow to thresh it out. I suppose the Folks hav eall their stuff threshed by this time.
   It is too bad about the girls left you home all alone when you went out home. Tell them they had not better do that any more.
   I am going to send you a piece of paper money which came from Germany. I hope it will reach you. We sure have got a bunch of different kinds of money. French, Belgium, German and a few pennies from England and Italy.
   Hoping this letter finds you well as it leaves me.

I remain with lots of love,

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