Evacuation Hospital #1 French YMCA WWI Letter 1918

This letter was written by a soldier who was “Somewhere in France” during WWI. He was with Evacuation Hospital #1. From the letter…..

   This is Saturday morning and it is trying to rain but I don’t think that it will rain much. I ws out walking last night after supper and I found a French YMCA so I got some of their paper so I just thought I would write on some of it so you can see what kind of paper they have. I am learning to talk French so you can see how much I have learned when I get back home. I am going to church tomorrow, so you had better come and go with me. We are going to have a ball game here this afternoon but I don’t think that I will get to play for I am too busy.
   But if you will come around about 2:30 we will go anyway. I can guess just about what you will do this afternoon. That is if you are at home and feeling well which I hope that you are. Did Phil go to Hutchinson to teach Emma and Smithy how to run there new car? I don’t know what think I will get when I get back home. You can be thinking what kind you won’t or would like to ride in.
   I’ll be that I won’t know how to talk to a girl when I get back for I haven’t talked to one for so long. Be about ten years behind time. But I guess that I will stay at home until I learn over again, or at least try to. I certainly would like to see you. I think that you have beat me talking a few times, but I don’t think that you can anymore.
    Oh say, I am going to have fried chicken for supper and strawberries, but not for all of us. Just five of us boys. I must close for this time.

With love,   

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