US Army Doctor WWI Letter from France June 1918

This letter was written by a US Doctor from France, during WWI, June 28, 1918. This letter is one of two that were in the same envelope. The cover has a British censor’s stamp on it. From the letter…..

I wrote you a letter last night but since we had a maneuver “Call to arms” and had to all get up and march off I won’t get to bed again since shaving and getting ready for breakfast. You are a dear all right to have you there to manage things so well for me makes me feel so happy.  You always use such good judgment dear. I always feel glad we have each other.
   Hope Dr. Weaver took you around to see the place and may be per chance you will see my old car that Dr. Weaver’s Son in law got off me so after all you will get to see it and where I practiced, but would of looked a lot nicer to see my things up there and the curtains and fixtures etc. but suppose Dr. W. will show you all about it.
   Well dear I can say I have been in a town that the Huns bombed anyway. Last night or about 1:00 this AM. I was awakened by the explosion of a bomb and heard the typical buzzz---buzzz of the Hun airplane. Ours has a continuous hum or buzz and not the intervals between as the German planes do. It rather was a new experience I assure you dear to hear the explosions and planes and not know where or when the last was or where the next would light. But I guess it didn’t scare me a great deal as I didn’t get out of bed to see what I could see as it was dark anyway. I admit I was fully a half hour or so going back to sleep again. The explosions sure did rattle things but no glass was broken so they were a long way off. I always get a billet so far away from the heart of tow so am safer and then one is not apt to get a direct hit when one considers chances of getting a direct hit and unless you do there is not a great deal of danger as far as getting killed is concerned. Those were sure interesting clippings you sent dear will give them to Tomlinson so will make them go as far as I can and let H and B read them too as they will be interested too. Hope the old Kaiser gets his fill before long and decides he has enough.
   I heard a story about a German prisoner when asked if he thought Germany would sin the war he said, “we have God on our side, but now the allies have America”, in such a thoughtful way the officer who heard said.
   We hear some thrilling true experiences they had they can talk about the English, Austrians, Canadians or any but I tell you we are proud of being Americans of the U.S.A. and when thins get thick again you will still hear of the U.S.A.
   One Major told a Lt. Cook. “Well you Americans think you can win the war if so guess we will go home.” Cook said, “well I guess we would like to have you help but we teach our men that they can win this war or any other whether they get any help from anybody or not”. Pretty good answer don’t you think? The Major was English.

Love as ever,

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