Graves Registration WWI Letter March 1919 Baseball, and Basketball

This letter was written by a solder in Neufchateau, France, after the Armistice. He was with the Graves Registration Service. From the letter, March 13th 1919.…….

   Having nothing to do this evening I thought I had better write you a few lines again to leave you know that I am well and getting along fine and dandy only the same old way, tired, lonely, and homesick for you and the folks and all my friends. Have been working pretty hard these last couple of days and yesterday I just finished writing up 1038 graves. I would rather be busy all the day long than lay around and stall the time away.
   Have been practicing baseball everyday and Sunday afternoon we are going to have a game with a unti that is situated close here. I think that I will have to do the catching behind the bat, if my arm does not hurt like ti does this afternoon.
   Been looking for mail from you these days, but so far nothing has showed up yet. Some of these fellows that came with me from the 37th Division are getting mail direct and hope that I will be getting some soon. It is about six weeks that I haven’t heard from you and it seems like six years.
   I heard that we would not be released until the first of August and that they cannot spare any man until then. It is a long ways off yet but hope that the time will soon pass away and then for homeward bound, that will seem the sweetest dream tome, that I have ever had. Had a letter from Crickmore and Plengey the other day and Crickmore is at Brest waiting for sailing orders. I sure do with that I was still with the company and then I would soon be back home.
   Have been having pretty nice weather here lately, and it is getting warmer ant the ground is drying up, so it seems more like a country than a mud hole. Last night I went up town and saw a basket ball game. The G.R.S. played the Motor Transport Corps, and the M.T.C. beat our team 52 to 38. It is not the games that we used to go to see at the St. Paul’s hall. Did you go to see any of those games this year, or did they not have any?
   Hoping that this letter will find you well as it leaves me and that you are having  a good time and thinking of me often, I remain with lots of love,

Your darling and sweetheart,

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