WWI Letter Luxembourg March 1919, Army Doctor

This letter was written by an Army Doctor, who was with the 130th Infantry, at the time he wrote the letter, Luxembourg, March 9, 1919. From the letter…..

Note: the letter contained a request/order, that he prepare a paper on acute respiratory infections for a medical conference.

   Well, the dance is over and I am now going to tell my wifie a little about it. The hall was decorated with ever greens about the walls paper, fancy colored stringers, Jap lanterns were strung along these and the portieres pulled two so that it was dark, or might effect. Well dear I tried to step the light fantastic a time or two and I think everybody enjoyed themselves. The dance was followed by a supper in which we had cookies macaroons, chocolate cake, cold beef, gold fish, potato salad, tea, coffee, or cocoa, water, fresh butter, stewed raisins, and prunes, “Hershey” nut chocolate, and creams, jelly and a kind of jam. The 130th orchestra played. Really Dear, I think if they kept us over here much longer they would drive me to dancing again.
   I can see your dear self on the platform to welcome me back with that hug and those kisses I have missed for so long. Well dear your hubby just got an order from the division surgeon that I am requested to give a 20 minute paper on March 14th. I will have appeared before the medical conference with my 20 minute paper and will report later.

Yours truly,  

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